Ireland Behind The Scenes


Ireland Behind The Scenes

Prepare to Be Spoiled in a Grand Irish Manner

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Ireland Behind The Scenes

Celebrate with Ireland’s leading luxury travel host, Patsy Brady Malone, as she personally escorts you on her “Best of Ireland Tour - 2019” Experience Ireland’s most extraordinary, private journey and discover hidden places unknown to most visitors. Come join us and enjoy luxury pampering at Ireland’s most distinctive destinations and elegant 5-star accommodations.


The Best of Ireland Tour - 2019The Best of Ireland Tour - 2019

Celebrate Our Best of Ireland Through the Years!

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The hidden Ireland, the luxurious Ireland, the spontaneous, authentic, traditional, musical, gourmet Ireland.

Prepare to discover... the elite private world of Ireland Behind The Scenes.


Not all luxury experiences are created equal

Find out what makes traveling with Patsy so very special

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Patsy Malone's Private Ireland

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