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When it comes to the perfect hosts to guide you on a luxury tour of Ireland, Patsy and Chris are hard to beat.  Whether benefiting from Patsy’s love affair with the country, her association with the Great Houses and historical sites of Ireland, art and antiques and personally knowing the finest hoteliers, craftsmen and acclaimed chefs or Chris’s extensive local and historical knowledge or listening to one of his many spontaneous, hilarious anecdotes…"that just come to me head,” these hosts are here to ensure you have fun and the travel experience of a lifetime!


Your Ireland Behind the Scenes Hosts

Patsy Brady Malone

Patsy Brady Malone, owner of IRELAND BEHIND THE SCENES, shares her extensive knowledge and love of Ireland with discerning travelers. Her private tours combine first class luxury and exceptional service with the gracious hospitality of her many distinguished Irish host friends. Her passion for all things Irish is reflected in her varied itineraries which include 18th century Georgian interiors to simple rural cottages set amidst rolling, rock walled green pastures.

Patsy personally accompanies each exclusive tour and is dedicated to upscale travel in Ireland only. Living and traveling in Ireland, she brings a unique perspective to her clientele! She creates exceptional private holidays that includes behind the scenes places unknown to most visitors. She delights in sharing her extensive knowledge of Ireland with discerning travelers and personally escorts them into an elite world of first class luxury.  Attention is paid to every detail and always with the comfort and privacy of her guests in mind.

She assures that participants experience the "real” Ireland, combining both elegant and simple interiors that speak volumes about their owners. Houses that are filled with the sophisticated shabby-chic style of their illustrious past with tale telling occupants that enjoy sharing the simple pleasures of a cup of tea and good "craic" around the kitchen table. Guests return home pampered and rested with a fresh vision of this beautiful green island and realize that it is not only the land of the 'shamrocks, shillelaghs, and pubs,' but a land rich with splendor, charm and warmth of character; unique in all the world! A country Patsy lovingly refers to as "the land of the crooked candles and lampshades" where pretense and affectation are rare and warmth and welcome prevail.

Chris Allen

Patsy's Co-Host and Ireland's most knowledgeable and congenial driver-guide has escorted Patsy’s travel for 20 years.  Chris has accompanied each of Patsy’s exclusive tours. Chris's keen wit and historical knowledge combined with his amiable, relaxed manner have guests boasting he is the 'finest tour Guide we have ever met!' Chris brings the rich history of the land, its people and the Irish culture alive as no one else can, with history, folklore, stories and tales not to be missed! His warmth, relaxed manner and genuine friendship to all have guests exclaiming, and also many a time "rolling in the aisles" with captivating humor that simply comes to his head! Write it down or bring a recorder, lest you forget a hilarious story, for Chris's enchanting wit and down to earth manner will delight even a tetchy soul. A dear and talented man who brings more than a wee bit of sparkle and shine, not only to our comfortable motor chariot, but into our lives as well!

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